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Shortly after graduating high school in Florida in 2002, Harmony got a job with her best friend Tory Lane at a Hooters restaurant. Showing off your rack while serving drinks and hot wings for tips turned out to be a lot tougher than they thought; you have deal with customer’s bad attitudes and it can get really hectic, so Tory made the jump into the jizz biz and then convinced Harmony to dyke it out with her on camera for some quick cash shortly thereafter. After that Harmony knew that she found her calling because she is a bonafide nymphomaniac, this little whore as been fucking and sucking since she was 14 years old and she still fucks the guy she lost her virginity to for old times sake now and then. I’m sure that guy must brag to his buddies about popping a famous whore like Harmony’s cherry on the regular, I know I would! Harmony has managed to have real staying power in this business, because she truly loves being nasty, she even licked Sandra Romain’s asshole on the Howard Stern show! What a slut! When she isn’t having extreme sex for cash and for kicks, she pursues her other passion, extreme sports. She’s a real adrenaline junkie who loves Skiing, Sky Diving and Scuba Diving!

So needless to say, Harmony is a real pro in front of the camera since she has over 5 years in the game, so we knew right off the bat that this scene was going to kick some serious ass! For the male talent, we hired another seasoned veteran Billy Glide. Stoney use to hire him for scenes a lot back in the day and we have recently reconnected with him. To get the scene started, Harmony fingered that delicious ass of hers for us and it definitely got all of our motors running! After that Billy Glide jumped in and she immediately shoved his cock down her throat! WOW! They fucked like nobody’s until Billy blew his first load, but it just wasn’t enough to quell her wanton passions! She performed CPR on his cock until it was hard again and demanded that he fill her up again. Billy was so drained that Stoney had to give him a power bar, so he could keep fucking. After awhile, Billy couldn’t fuck anymore, so she chased our entire staff around the house trying to get some more cock, unfortunately for her, none of us are into sloppy seconds, so she finally gave up, got her check and left!


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