About Stoney Curtis

I was a huge fan of the adult industry and still am. I must have had 250-300 adult movies in my personal collection before I made my first one!! I still belong to various membership sites and watch movies on V.O.D. sites as well. Porn is a part of my daily diet just like food, water and oxygen. I think it is fantastic that we can use our imagination to put ourselves into fun sexual situations with women of all ethnicities, shapes and sizes. Whether I feel I like fantasizing about Latinas, Asians, White gals, Busty Babes, Big Booty Hoes, Barely Legal Teens, or MILFs, the exciting world of adult entertainment has been there for a regular guy like me to enjoy.

Anyway, I had met Peter North several times in 1991 and 1992 but he denied who he was to me. I was a fan that approached him in a public place and tried to keep it low-key that he was a huge star. Eventually I ran into him again in 1993 and he admitted who he was and we became friends. He saw both my love for the business, as well as my extensive camera skills from shooting music videos in 91, 92. That's when I decided to get into the business and made my first video for VCA in 1993. Back then I went by Cheeks, then I became Bryan Williams. Under this name I made features for the legendary Russ Hampshire (owner of VCA). I shot "Erotic Artist", "Snatch Motors", "Butt Motors", "Gold Diggers", "Secret of Her Success" and many more. From this I moved into shooting gonzo style for Pleasure Productions, Metro and Elegant Angel.

In 1998 I changed my name to Stoney Curtis and started a company called Celestial Productions. Then started a line called "Hot Bods and Tailpipes" through Seymore Butts distribution. It was a huge success and from 2000 on I started to distribute my own product. I went on to create "Fast times at Deep Crack High" and "Beverly Hills 9021-HO" and many other lines from there.

In 2004 I started my flagship company called Lethal Hardcore video. We have many successful lines including "I Was Tight Yesterday", "Fuck my Mom and Me", "Big Bodacious Knockers", "12 on 1", "Cougars in Heat", "Seduced by a Real Lesbian" etc.

In total I have shot and produced about 550 adult videos over a 16 year career of which I own and distribute worldwide about 385 videos.

Everything we shoot we watch and jack to ourselves first. All Lethal Hardcore titles are HAND CRAFTED ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Produced and Directed for Perverts by Perverts! I don't shoot anything I don't personally enjoy since I feel it would be a disservice to the viewers of any niche or fetish to put out content that is not created by someone who is as passionate about it as they are. Through our intensive casting process, we only pair performers who have real chemistry together because we want everyone to cum as much as possible!

I put my own Blood, Sweat, and Semen into every production. I view Pornography as an art that I love very much rather then just a way to make a few bucks. I respect all the fans out there for all the love and support you have shown over the years. I love receiving your emails and try to respond personally to them as much as possible. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, critiques and ideas.

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