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Jerk Me Off

I believe that a slut should always be ready to service her man with no delay and no restrictions. We should never tolerate anything less than luxury from the ladies, they need to make sure that our demands stay satisfied. So dont get it confused if you see a nasty slut jacking and sucking me off until I blow a fat load in her face that was my prerogative.

Release Date: 10/13/14

My Sister is Wet and Horny

Isabella de Santos is a spicy size queen who begged Ralph to keep it in the family when she saw his #dickpic on twitter. Tony came home from College for Summer and found Kacey living in his bedroom, they are going to have share and guess what? There will be NO BUNK BEDS this time! Sandra didnt want Brad to tell everybody from the Old Country about her pussy pics online, so she gave him a piece to shut him up! Kasey won a bet with her step-bro Romeo so she made him stretch out her tight juicy little cunt!

Release Date: 10/06/14

Fear of a Black Penis

Kayla West never expected that her job interview would involve getting dicked down by a bad brotha, but she did her best because she needs the paper! Summer will do anything to score a fake ID even if it means a long hard ride from a big dick gangsta! Carmen woke up from a bad dream, but ended up making her daddys worst nightmare come true when she sucked and fucked a Rappers big black cock! Alice got lost in a dangerous part of town, but luckily Isiah gave her a hood pass after he got a piece of her white ass! Jennifer tried to pay her landlord with free lap dances, but he said I aint no trick, pay me or take all 10 inches of this big black dick!

Release Date: 09/29/14

Pound My Ass Into Orgasm 2

Riley Reynolds ordered sausage on her pizza but ended up getting sausage deep in her asshole! Mandys hubby is away so she picked up Jamie at a bar and made him pound her ass until she came! When Candaces butt plug fell out on the street Talon helped her find it, so she gave up the booty as a reward! Laela is an anal crazed nymph who picked up Clover from the bus stop and gave him a ride he wont forget! Charity is a hot brunette with 32DD tits and a sweet bubble butt who needs a big hard cock up her ass at least once a day!

Release Date: 09/22/14

Cougars Crave Young Cock 4

Bianca Breeze was so appreciative that her babysitter Romeo was willing to watch her kid over night that she woke him up with bomb head and tight ass pussy! Tony asked for a late check out at the motel so he could finish jacking off, but when Nina the maid came in he pounded her deep until they both came instead! When Claudia saw Daniel walking down the street from her balcony she called him up and begged him to lay pipe! When Sonny saw Alana was having car trouble he knew this a perfect opportunity to get some COUGAR BOOTY!!! Eva is a voluptuous slut who loves giving foreign exchange students. "The Stars and Stripes Forever!"

Release Date: 09/15/14

Morning Wood 3

When Marina accidentally rubbed up against John’s hard cock while he was sleeping, she got soaking wet and ready to fuck! Olivia knew Talon had to get up early for work, but she wanted to have another toe curling orgasm before he left! Cassidy normally isn’t a “morning person,” but when she woke up to Romeo’s boner rubbing against her butt she was ready to fuck! Edyn Blair is a buxom brunette who can never resist a big pulsating dick pounding her to orgasm, no matter how early it is!!

Release Date: 09/08/14