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Oops, I Creampied In My Step Mom 2

Brad was bummed out because the guys made fun of him for not knowing what a creampie is, so his step-mom Dava cheered up him by letting him blow his load inside her cunt! Codi's step-mom Mercedes is such a dirty slut that she couldn't resist riding his hard cock until he blew a steamy load of jizz in her pussy! When Kayla asked Romeo for a backrub she knew she wanted him to pound her pussy, but she wasn't expecting a juicy creampie! Eva is concerned about Jake's future so she decided to scare him into wearing condoms by riding his cock until he accidentally blew a load inside her!

Release Date: 11/10/14

Drop Them Drawers Give Daddy Some Candy

Alli Rae loves her step daddy Jay so much that when he gave her a lollipop, she couldn’t resist giving him a special piece of pinky candy. When John caught a glimpse of Tali’s sweet young snatch he told her to “Drop Them Drawers,” so she did like a good little slut and she rode his hard cock too! When Alaina’s step dad threatened to not let her use the car anymore, she immediately took off her panties and grabbed at his cock because she knows that nobody rides for free! Kaylee threw a fit when her step dad wouldn’t give her some dessert, so he gave her some dick because it’s low in calories!

Release Date: 11/03/14

Tiny Chicks Struggle To Fit Huge Dicks 5

Sabrina wasn’t interested in buying a vacation package from Danny, but she was very interested in having her vagina beaten up and stretched by his huge English cock! Alaina was scared to spend the first night in her new apt. alone so she gave her Mom’s boyfriend some sweet pussy to bone! Will was furious when he caught Taylor jumping on his bed, so he taught her a lesson by pounding her tight pink hole with his huge pulsating pole! Brooklyn thought she could handle any dick, but once she saw Bruce’s giant wang she knew she was in trouble! When Adrienne couldn’t afford to pay her mechanic Billy, she offered up her tight little snatch as payment!

Release Date: 10/27/14

Mommy Loves Young Muff

When Alison climbed into bed with her step-mom Cherie, she didnt expect to end up tasting her sweet pussy or sucking on her luscious breasts! Savannah just got divorced so she is ready to try some hot girl-on-girl action with her pal Ariana. Elektras step-mom got turned on when she found Nikkis g-string in the laundry so she decided to teach her how to play with toys and eat pussy! When Nadia walked in on Shelby doing a naughty webcam show, she was shocked at first, but after she found out how much money they could make doing a show together she joined in on the fun!

Release Date: 10/20/14

Jerk Me Off

I believe that a slut should always be ready to service her man with no delay and no restrictions. We should never tolerate anything less than luxury from the ladies, they need to make sure that our demands stay satisfied. So dont get it confused if you see a nasty slut jacking and sucking me off until I blow a fat load in her face that was my prerogative.

Release Date: 10/13/14

My Sister is Wet and Horny

Isabella de Santos is a spicy size queen who begged Ralph to keep it in the family when she saw his #dickpic on twitter. Tony came home from College for Summer and found Kacey living in his bedroom, they are going to have share and guess what? There will be NO BUNK BEDS this time! Sandra didnt want Brad to tell everybody from the Old Country about her pussy pics online, so she gave him a piece to shut him up! Kasey won a bet with her step-bro Romeo so she made him stretch out her tight juicy little cunt!

Release Date: 10/06/14