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Cream In My Teen 6

Morgan Lee forgot to pick up condoms, but decided to let him get it in anyway and then he surprised her with a sweet creampie! Jerry charmed the pants off of Kierra Dawn and gave her multiple orgasms so she let him cum inside! Alina bet her friend $20 that she could prove Mike Hunt was cheater, so she let him cum in her pussy and used it as evidence! Paisley didnt know what a creampie was until her moms boyfriend showed her! Abby grew up in the south fucking cowboys, so when she met her mom’s new BF from Europe, she just had to sample that Kielbasa!

Release Date: 03/10/15

Ass Crack Addicts

John and his sponsor Missy fell off the wagon when they fucked, they just couldnt resist tasting each others buttholes. Alexa Pierce loves getting her asshole properly worshipped, so when she got the call about working with Mike Hunt she said FUCK YEAH! Dr. Sheena decided to help Will confront his ass licking compulsion by burying his face in her ample ass and ordering him to pound that tight pink pussy until she came! John and Lola both firmly believe that if being an ass crack addict is wrong they dont want to be right!!

Release Date: 03/03/15

My Stepbrother has a Huge Black Cock 3

When Alex Little found out that she needs to be able to take a huge black dick to get in her sorority, she turned to her step bro Jovan for some serious training!! When Jenna caught her new step bro Mo peeping on her at the motel she decided to let a brotha pound her pussy just like her momma. When Abby walked in on her step bro taking a nap, she noticed his huge chocolate pole and decided to get a piece of that sweet action! Raven is a hot brunette freak who has never turned down a big black cock, not even her Step Brothers!! WOW! WHAT A SLUT! Heidi wasnt happy about sharing the Basement with her new step bro Hooks, so he broke her off proper with his big dong to shut her ass up!

Release Date: 02/23/15

Stoneys Sleazy Casting Couch

When Kelsi saw Mike Hunt Pull Up in his sports car she was wet and ready to PULL DOWN HER PANTIES! Keisha is a hot slut with a bangin booty and big naturals who is willing to do anything to make it big in the biz. Brooke has always been a filthy slut so getting pounded hard and deep to impress power players in the porn industry is NO PROBLEM! Amirah came from Hungary in search of the American Dream but ended up getting her face covered with the American Cream and getting dicked down by a boss.

Release Date: 02/16/15

Your Mom Tossed My Salad 15

Alexis stormed into her stepson’s room to tell him to wash his dirty dishes, but she decided to lick his ass and ride his cock like a dirty slut instead. Romeo stopped by Jake’s place to work on their science project, but he got distracted by Maci’s tongue in his ass and her pussy on his cock! When Paisley got a rejection letter from University, she visited the Dean with her Mom Mercedes and they took turns sucking, fucking and rimming that old Perv until he offered her a FULL RIDE scholarship! Nadia’s son almost got kicked out of the Boy Scouts until she licked the scout leader’s butt and gave him some poon tang! When Sammy lost a bet playing foos ball with Ralph she ended up having to give him a wicked rim job before they got their fuck on!

Release Date: 02/09/15

Deviant Stepsister Massage 2

Alina was impressed when Brad told her about his Sport Medicine training, so she asked him for a back rub and let him fuck! THAT’S A HOME RUN!!! Carmen asked Romeo to help her zip up her dress, but she really just wanted to unzip his pants! Scarlett promised to pay her step bro Talon for a massage later, but now she owes him for the deep pounding he gave her pussy too! NO DICK ON DISCOUNT, you broke bitch!! Rachele noticed that Mike got a boner while he was helping her work out so she said “Please Personal Train This Pussy, I won’t tell Mom!”

Release Date: 02/02/15