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Big Bodacious Knockers 11

When John asked Anissa if her tits were fake she let him fondle them to prove they were real. She got soaking wet and decided to let him stretch out her pussy with his cock too! Katrina loves reptiles, so Jamie let her play with his lizard and his trouser snake! When Scott picked up a hot hitch hiker named Keisha, she wasnt the only one who got a free ride! Talons Real Estate agent Rachel will do anything to get a sale including cock sucking, titty fucking and dick riding! Jessica Robbin is an amazing 18 year old strumpet with REAL 32DDD titties who could barely handle getting dicked down!

Release Date: 08/18/14

My Step Sister Squirts 3

When Rachele found out her step bro makes his girlfriend squirts every time they fuck, she couldn’t resist her urge to ride his dick! Scarlett was worried about her pussy squirting all the time, so her step bro fucked her hard and told her it was all right! Romeo has never liked his stepsister Sabrina’s attitude so he slams her pussy until it squirts to shut her up! When Sarah noticed how big Ralph’s cock was she said “Fuck me until I gush! Just don’t tell Mom please!” It’s a family affair!

Release Date: 08/11/14

Seduced By A Real Lesbian 15

Ariana was nervous about doing her first boy/girl scene until her pal Cassidy Banks helped her warm up backstage by gently kissing her all over and licking her sweet pussy. Dee Dee was happy to show the new girl Cassidy Klein around the campus and around her clitoris! Vanessa didn’t get enough at her bachelorette party, so she skipped the wedding reception to kiss, carress and taste her BFF Jenna. Abigail thought Jillian’s cat was adorable, but it was her pussy that she really wanted to PET!

Release Date: 08/04/14

Oops, I Creampied In Your Mom!

Brad tried to fake a fever to skip school , but his step mom Holly bribed him with some pussy and things GOT REALLY HOT, so hot that he accidentally busted a fat load inside her! Alyssa got soaking wet when her step son gave her a massage, so she rode his big hard rod until he shot his load in her sweet pink box! When Syren caught Richie jacking, she didnt want to see all that cum go to waste so she made him pound her pussy! When Sonny asked Froya to explain what a Creampie is, she decided to show him instead!

Release Date: 07/28/14

Big Dick Gloryholes 12

You probably think that none of the women you know would ever randomly suck a huge cock that some weirdo shoved through a GLORYHOLE, well I gotta tell you. YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! All women can not resist a huge dick, does not matter how much they act like they are nice and have morals if you put a world class cock with massive length and girth in front of them, they will SUCK IT until they get sprayed with a huge hot load of jizz in the face! DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF! Your GF, Your Sister and even Your Mom have all probably done it!

Release Date: 07/21/14

Tiny Chicks Struggle To Fit Huge Dicks 4

When Alice found out how much a fake ID costs, she decided to take Christians big ole dong which just might have been a price too high to pay!!! When Daisy locked her keys in the car, Jerry was happy to help get the car and her panties unlocked! When Sarah saw Bruces dick she didnt think it would fit, so he asked her if he could put just the tip in and she ended up taking the WHOLE THING! Marina didnt expect Billy to be in her moms bed, but since he has a fat cock, she decided to give it a try! Brandi could barely handle the long hard ride on Chris 12 inches of cock!

Release Date: 07/14/14